Taking the Confusion out of Retirement Planning.

Baystate Financial is a full service financial services firm. We also provide guidance on and implementation of group, executive benefits and corporate sponsored retirement plans; life, disability Income and long-term care insurance; and strategies for estate and charitable planning.

Baystate Financial has built a reputation for helping its clients gain clarity, leverage and financial independence. Clarity with regard to what having wealth means to them; leverage with regard to the ways they integrate and coordinate their assets and income to build, protect and distribute wealth in an efficient and effective manner; and knowing they have made informed and appropriate decisions that make sense of the complex financial lives they tend to lead.

Talk with me. I'll help you prepare for the future ahead.

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Gary Thibeault

Financial Advisor





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This award was issued by Five Star Professional. 2023:  Issued 02/01/2023 for the time period 05/23/22 through 01/06/2023. 2015:  01/01/2015 for the time period 05/18/14 through 11/05/14.

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